Finding the Best Janitorial and Break Room Supplies

By Jessica Mousseau

Running a business can be a real challenge, and one of the biggest problems can be finding the best janitorial and break room supplies. From choosing the right coffee and creamer to finding the perfect cleaning solutions for those stubborn stains, making sure that janitorial supplies and break room items are up to snuff can be a big problem. With all of the other things that business owners have to do, these items can easily be overlooked, but it is important to give them the consideration they deserve. After all, the right janitorial supplies are essential for keeping the office looking good, while a well stocked break room is an important part of maintaining the employee morale that will help the business succeed.

Letting any of these areas slip can have unintended consequences, including a workplace that makes a poor first impression and a roomful of unhappy employees. It is important therefore for all business owners and office managers to shop carefully for the right janitorial and break room supplies.

And of course it is important to choose those supplies that are both inexpensive and effective. Cleaning and janitorial supplies will need to be both effective and safe for employees to use, and care will need to be taken when choosing them. It is important to look for quality products that will make cleaning the office fast and efficient, allowing the janitorial staff to get on with their other tasks quickly.

While janitorial supplies are an important part of any office, the break room supplies are perhaps even more important. Every office manager understands just how important that morning cup of coffee can be, and a well stocked break room with lots of quality coffee will do a great deal to boost employee morale and team spirit. Other offices will go even further, supplying their workers not only with the finest coffee but an assortment of sodas, iced teas and other treats as well. Appliances like microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers will also help make the break room more efficient and the employees happier.

No matter what break room and janitorial supplies are chosen, however, it is important for office managers and business owners to shop around for the best deal. There are many companies devoted to helping large and small businesses get the supplies they need, and shopping around carefully can save those much needed funds for other business essentials.

All About Office Paper

By Jessica Mousseau

Offices use three different types of printers; copier, ink jet and laser. Each of these use a different type of paper. In order to get the best results, you need to know which types of paper works best in specific machines. Ink jet paper will not work in either a copier or laser printers. It is best not to even try to use it. It will bubble and jam the machine, giving you a headache you could best do without.

Always read the manufacturer's instruction manual for each printer that you purchase. That is where you will find recommendations on the type of paper that should be used in the machine. Record it in a notebook specifically used for recording paper types and printer information. This will simplify your task when it comes time to order paper. Always store paper in a cupboard where the humidity is low to prevent curling. Dimensionally stable paper also prevents curling. If you are having problems with this, ask your supplier for a paper that has a lower moisture level.

If in doubt about paper type, ask the service personnel that come to take care of your equipment. They can answer any questions you may have. Never buy paperfrom telemarketers, even though they offer unbelievably low prices. As with all things, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Always buy paperfrom a supplier with an established reputation.

Most of the time digital copiers can use the same type of paper as non-digital copiers. Color printers and copiers can usually use the same paper as black and white equipment, but if you want your copies to be of high quality, use a better quality paper. Before you run a large number of copies, test the paper in your machine. If a supplier suggests a different type of paper, buy a ream. If it works well and you like it better than the paper you are using, go ahead and buy a case or more.

Never use high moisture or textured paper in laser printers. These can cause you a host of problems. Recycled paper works well in most copiers and printers. Try to avoid papers that are coated, as most of them cannot be recycled. If a certain paper works well in your office equipment, stick with it. As the old adage goes, "do not rock the boat."

Paper is available in 20, 24 and 28 poundage. Heavier paper has the higher poundage number. Smoothness is important if you want a bold image. The smoother the paper, the whiter it looks to the eye. If you want an elegant image, always use paper of supreme quality. If you want your copies to last for years, purchase acid-free paper. It can last more than two hundred years before deteriorating. This is best if you plan on printing contracts, legal documents or papersthat are going to be archived. Use these tips to provide a positive paper experience in your office. By buying a paper that works well in your office equipment, you save time and money.

Art, Drafting and School Supplies

By Jessica Mousseau

A large variety of art, drafting and school supplies are available for purchase online. Whether you need art materials to prepare a conference, presentation or classroom decorations or anything in between, a large stock and varieties are available to fit the needs of any project. From all-purpose glue and glue sticks, to glue guns or refills, the type of office supplies available online are endless.

Some other items include:

  • spray adhesive
  • rubber cement
  • mounting adhesive
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • modeling clays
  • plaster crafts
  • beads
  • sequins

Find a choice of portfolios, including documents tubes, in Art & Drafting Portfolios to protect your works-in-progress and masterpieces alike online as well. Add color to your designs with our Art Pencils, china marker pencils, colored pencils, colorless blender pencils, and specialty marking pencils, so you'll be sure to find what you need for your design project. Teachers will delight with Chalkboards, Bulletin Boards & other accessories You will also find more than just chalkboards, chalk, and eraser, but also a colorful collection of bulletin board sets, trims, and borders to brighten classroom displays!

Drafting Tools & Templates contains a full range of drafting materials for architects and designers, including cutting mats, compasses and curves, drafting film, lettering and stencils, T-squares, and other essential drafting materials. Schools and offices alike will be pleased with our selection of white and color art paper rolls and racks, drawing and handwriting paper, tracing paper, construction paper, and tissue paper, found in Drawing Pads, Paper & Accessories. Be sure to have enough stock to give your company (or your kids) choices throughout the year. Find Art, Drafting and School Supplies at our webstore. With a large range of art, Drafting and School Supplies that your every artistic need can be met with one visit to our site.

It Is Time to Organize Your Desk

By Jessica Mousseau

Desks have the tendency to become extremely cluttered. They fill up with paperwork, mail, correspondences, books, pencils, pens, etc. It is not only the desks at work that become messy, but also the desks at home. Have you looked at your desk lately? Some of the most important pieces of paper reside on that very desk. It is about time you organized your life. Here are some great tips to organize your desk at home or at work.

Desk Clutter

Clutter is the number one enemy of a desk. It seems like anything that has no designated home gets placed here. At least once a week, clear your clutter. The more aware you are of adding to the clutter, the less you will do it. For example, when you open your mail, make sure you do it beside a wastepaper basket. This way you can throw out all the unwanted junk mail without having to make a pile that you will toss later.

Desk Space Planning

Sometimes, the reason desks become messy is because they are planned poorly. For instance, if you constantly need an address book, but it's home is in the back of a bottom drawer, you will probably keep it out all the time. Instead, make sure the items you will use constantly have a home that is easy to reach and retrieve at a moment's notice. This will make it much easier for your to de-clutter and clean when the time comes.

Move Desk Items to Bulletin Board

If you need to rid your desk of loose pieces of important papers, install a bulletin board nearby. However, like your desk, bulletin boards can become cluttered. Make sure you read your messages each day and clear the outdated paper from the postings.

Desk Clutter: Email

Another element of desk clutter is email clutter. How many emails do you have in your inbox that have already been read and addressed? One of the best ways to organize emails is to create email folders for important messages you will need from time to time. Then, each week, clean these folders, including your inbox. Respond to those that you have not already responded to and delete the old.

Desks can say a lot about a person. They can tell your significant other, boss, friends, how organized you are mentally and emotionally. The more organized your desk, the more relaxed you will be.

Great Help with right the products you find

Four Essentials for Your Home Office

By Jessica Mousseau

If you work from home, you probably have a space that you use as your office. Whether it is a closet, a separate room, or even the kitchen table, there are a few things that will make your life a whole lot easier. Let's take a look at the top four items you need for your home office, apart from your regular office equipment.

A pencil holder.

Even if you do 99% of your work on the computer, you will never lose the need to write some things down on plain paper. Unfortunately, even if you keep a notepad handy, pens and pencils are never around when you need them! Using a pencil holder is the perfect solution, just be sure to put them back when you finish writing. For a mobile office space, use one of those zippered pencil bags that kids take to school. All your writing instruments can be easily stored in one of these and you won't waste time searching for an elusive pen ever again!

Once again, you might have a calendar on your computer, but it is vital that you have a physical one as well.

A desktop calendar works well if you have the space, but most people don't, so go with a wall calendar. Choose one that has large squares for writing on. This allows you to see at a glance what you are doing every day. Duplicate your computer calendar if you use one, so you won't have to open it every time you need to check a date. For even more organization, try color coding your entries. Blue for family, red for business, green for personal, etc.


It's easy to forget to drink water while you are working hard on a deadline, but staying hydrated is important if you want to be more productive. Did you know that dehydration can actually slow brain function? Just keeping a bottle of water by your computer can help remind you to take a sip now and then and you won't lose time getting up to go to the kitchen every so often (although that isn't a bad thing, getting away from the computer once in a while!).

Cable labels.

This might seem silly, but labelling the cables and wires that run all over your home office can save you a load of time when you have to move things around. Instead of following each cable to its source, you can see at a glance (and without getting down on the floor) what goes where. With all the technology that gets crammed into our office spaces these days, labelling your wires can be a lifesaver. Use plain stickers with notes or buy specially marked tabs. There are plenty of gadgets and doodads for home offices, but the four listed above will help you boost productivity and avoid wasting time. Which, in home business, means earning more money!

Keep Up to Date with the Right Calendars and Organizers

By Jessica Anne Elizabeth

For those trying to get a new business off the ground it can be difficult at times to even know what day it is. Weeks and months of working 16 and 20 hour days can quickly take their toll, and many harried business owners struggle just to keep up with the frantic pace of a new enterprise. Even owners of existing businesses often find themselves overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the hectic pace of the business, world, and those business owners certainly need a way to organize their lives and keep track of their busy days.

Calendars and organizers may not be able to run a busy office, but they can help busy business owners and executives make the most of their time. Every entrepreneur and manager understands just how important it is to maximize every moment, and a good organizer helps them to do just that. An assortment of calendars and other organizers is a great way for business owners and managers to keep track of important meetings, project deadlines and other vital information.

One of the most important benefits of using calendars and organizers is that these tools can put all of the important information within easy reach. A quick glance at the wall calendar can provide all the information the business owner needs about which clients he or she is meeting with, which products are on schedule and which ones are overdue, and which deadlines are looming large. This type of timely information can help the business owner make intelligent and informed decisions, certainly a boon for any business.

Most businesses will need to use a combination of calendars, including wall calendars, desk calendars and electronic calendars. Wall calendars are perfect for keeping a wealth of information within easy sight, while a day to day desk calendar can hold important reminders of upcoming meetings. And electronic calendars provide busy executives with important meeting reminders even when they are not in the office.

Organizers play a vital role in the life of any business as well, helping busy executives keep on top of their schedules and ensuring that they never miss an important meetings. Paper organizers, along with their electronic counterparts, are essential survival tools in the business world today, and no executive or business owner should be without them.

Make a Splash with the Right Presentation and Meeting Supplies

By Jessica Anne Elizabeth

It has never been more important for business owners to make a great impression and project the utmost professionalism when they detail what their firms have to offer. Using the right presentation supplies is an essential part of doing business, and a winning presentation is one of the most effective of all business tools.

Whether that presentation takes place at the local trade show or in the office, it is essential for businesses of all sizes to invest in top quality presentation supplies and meeting supplies. High quality presentation supplies and meeting supplies will help business owners project the professional image that gets results, while poor quality supplies can lead to failed presentations and even lost business.

It is important for those business owners to carefully choose the presentation and meeting supplies that best meet their needs. The business owner or office manager will need to look carefully at the type of room where the presentations will be held, including the size of the projection screen, the type of projector that will be used and the lighting options that will be available. The task of matching presentation and meeting supplies to the room available will be easier if that room is in the office, but it is important for remote locations as well.

The type of lighting available in the room is an important consideration when shopping for the right presentation and meeting supplies, and it is important to consider this factor carefully before getting started. Adding a dimmer option to the lighting in the conference rooms and presentation centers can greatly increase the flexibility and efficiency of any training session, and dimming the lighting can help make the presentation projector provide a higher quality image as well. It is a good idea for business owners to test their presentation under many different types of lighting, including full sunlight, in order to choose the presentation supplies and meeting supplies that will provide the best impression for visitors, guests and clients.

It is also essential for those business owners to ensure that the meeting supplies chosen have a professional look. The meeting supplies that are chosen should give visitors and meeting attendees a good first impression, and high quality supplies will help to ensure that a professional image is maintained throughout that winning presentation.