Carbonless Forms

Business Carbonless Form

If you work in an office, you have probably been faced with the dreaded problem of using a carbon form and getting the disgusting black dust all over your hands, counter, etc. The dust never seems to go away and it is extremely hard to get out of your clothes. Not to mention, if you are constantly meeting new people at your job, who is going to want to shake hands with someone that has this black junk all over them? Nobody wants that on them. What is the solution? Try using a carbonless form. These forms are very beneficial to everyone's office needs. They can be used for writing out receipts, missed phone messages, or for keeping inventory within your business. We offer the forms in an assortment of preprinted booklets, and colors, to choose from. So, if you are in need of a carbonless form, remember to check out what stock is available to you at Rapid Supplies.

Carbonless paper: is it better?

Why should you choose carbonless paper over others? It is much cleaner and more effective than the sheets you used to use. The black dust that used to be created after using one is now no more. Another advantage of the carbonless paper is the effect it will have on your copy and fax machines. The internal mechanisms of these expensive machines will not get the build up of dust it used to with carbonated forms. You can save your office or home business the expense of having a professional come out and clean your machines. We also offer this product in bulk in order to save you money.