Perforated Paper

Wholesale paper product: great source for perforated paper

Business Card LaminatingYou just switched jobs or started your own business and you need to send something out to let everyone know. How about sending out brand new business cards or post cards to get the word out? To save yourself some money, you could make your own business cards. When you are looking for a wholesale paper product to fit your everyday needs such as this, you should check out Rapid Supplies. We offer a wide array of perforated paper, including post card paper and business card paper, to choose from. The perforated paper makes it much easier to separate your cards when you are finished. You can avoid the hassle of cutting apart your finished product and worrying about whether or not it will turn out presentable. So, remember the next time you are in need of a great wholesale paper product, check us out. We can take care of all of your product requirements.

Post card paper: great for your business

Post Card PaperOne of the best ways to let other people know you have started a new business is through good old fashioned snail mail. And we have just the supplies you'll need to do that. We have post card paper that is perfect for the mass mailing you will do. The name brands that we have in stock should match up with the document templates that are already set in most computers. Just load the stock into your feed tray and start printing away. You will save a ton of money by doing the cards yourself and it will allow you to avoid going to those expensive office printing companies that charge an arm and a leg.

Invitation paper: great for weddings

The cost of weddings these days has become outrageously expensive. Many couples are starting to do a lot of the work they would have paid someone, on their own. If you are looking for a way to get out of spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on invitations, you should check out our supply of invitation paper. We offer invitation paper in a variety of different:

  • sizes
  • colors
  • embossing
  • graphics
  • and much more

You can make your invitations look just as great, or even better, as what a professional could have done. We even have ink cartridges available for you to purchase at great low prices. If you plan on having a big wedding, order the paper for invitations all at once and take advantage of the mass quantity discounts we have available for our customers.