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Classroom Decor

No student wants to sit in a boring classroom with nothing on the walls. That's why offers teachers many different styles of classroom d?cor. You can turn your classroom into an amazing place to study with just a few of these different items. For example, why put up a boring bulletin board when you can add a cool background to it with bulletin board paper? How about adding some interesting wallpaper to your room that features different animals, insects, or other images related to the current lesson plan? Banners, posters, and many other items also help turn a standard room into an interesting learning environment that children will love.

Of course, there are some elements of the classroom that aren't quite as easy to dress up. Take storage, for example. There are many boring plastic and cardboard boxes that you could use to hold various items. Think there's nothing that can be done to make them look different? How about getting some designer storage boxes? These boxes can be used to hold all of your items and look really great. There are many different designs available, too, so you're sure to find one that matches the rest of your d?cor.

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RTG 10228 Redi-Tag Fairy Girl Theme Coloring Roll RTG10228 Redi-Tag 10228, Coloring Roll, Fairy Girl Theme, Self-Adhesive, 13', WE Banner

RTG 10228

List Price: $9.75
Our Price: $3.40
You save $6.35!
22 in stock!
RTG 10229 Redi-Tag Self-adhesive Pirate Theme Coloring Roll RTG10229 Redi-Tag 10229, Coloring Roll, Pirate Theme, Self-Adhesive, 13', WE Banner

RTG 10229

List Price: $9.75
Our Price: $3.40
You save $6.35!
21 in stock!
CKC 5268 Chenille Kraft Canvas Banner CKC5268 Creativity Street 5268, Canvas Banner, 18'' x 27'', White Banner

CKC 5268

List Price: $4.06
Our Price: $3.58
You save $0.48!
190 in stock!
TEP 10652 Trend Class Accents Bright Owls Variety Pack TEP10652 Trend 10652, Bulletin Board Accents, Owls & Logs, 4''H, 72/PK Decorative Accent

TEP 10652

List Price: $6.29
Our Price: $3.64
You save $2.65!
67 in stock!
TEP 10653 Trend Class Accents Bright Silly Squirrels Pack TEP10653 Trend 10653, Bulletin Board Accents, Squirrels & Acorns, up to 6''H, 72/PK Decorative Accent

TEP 10653

List Price: $6.29
Our Price: $3.64
You save $2.65!
39 in stock!
TEP T25044 Trend Quotable Expressions Attitude Banner TEPT25044 Trend T25044, Expression Banner, Attitude Is A Little Thing, 10', Multi Banner

TEP T25044

List Price: $7.29
Our Price: $4.44
You save $2.85!
61 in stock!
TEP T25047 Trend You Are Responsible 10-ft. Color Banner TEPT25047 Trend T25047, Expression Banner, You Are Responsible For You, 10', Multi Banner

TEP T25047

List Price: $7.29
Our Price: $4.44
You save $2.85!
5 in stock!
TEP T25053 Trend Dare To Dream Expressions Banner TEPT25053 Trend T25053, Expression Banner, Dare To Dream It, 10', Multi Banner

TEP T25053

List Price: $7.29
Our Price: $4.44
You save $2.85!
49 in stock!
TEP 25071 Trend Welcome Owl-Stars Expressions Banner TEP25071 Trend 25071, Banner, Welcome Owl-Stars, Reusable, MI Banner

TEP 25071

List Price: $7.29
Our Price: $4.44
You save $2.85!
38 in stock!
ASH 11310 Ashley Prod. Magnetic Emoji Welcome Banner ASH11310 Ashley 11310, Welcome Banner, Magnetic, 6''Wx17''Lx1/10''H, Assorted Banner

ASH 11310

List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $4.44
You save $0.55!
95 in stock!
RTG 10230 Redi-Tag Self-adhesive Kid's Coloring Pages RTG10230 Redi-Tag 10230, Self-Adhesive Kids Coloring Pages, 13', White Craft Paper

RTG 10230

List Price: $9.75
Our Price: $4.83
You save $4.92!
304 in stock!
TEP 25202 Trend Character It's How You Live Message Banner TEP25202 Trend 25202, Banner, Character, It's How You Live Life, MI Banner

TEP 25202

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $5.72
You save $2.27!
108 in stock!
TEP 25209 Trend Why Be Average Message Banner TEP25209 Trend 25209, Banner, Why Be Average, Reusable, MI Banner

TEP 25209

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $5.72
You save $2.27!
60 in stock!
TEP 25212 Trend Never Settle For Less Than Your Best Banner TEP25212 Trend 25212, Banner, Never Settle, Reusable, MI Banner

TEP 25212

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $5.72
You save $2.27!
76 in stock!
TEP 10654 Trend Class Accents Fall Oak Leaves/Acorns Pack TEP10654 Trend 10654, Bulletin Board Accents, Leaves & Acorns, 4-1/2''H, 108/PK Decorative Accent

TEP 10654

List Price: $6.29
Our Price: $5.83
You save $0.46!
170 in stock!
TEP T1024 Trend File 'N Save System Trimmer Storage Box TEPT1024 Trend T1024, Trimmer Storage Box, Protects, Extra Strength, 39-1/2'' x 3'' x 5'' Storage Case

TEP T1024

List Price: $7.49
Our Price: $6.55
You save $0.94!
182 in stock!
TEP T25090 Trend School isn't SUPER without U 10' Banner TEPT25090 Trend T25090, School Isnt Super Without U Banner, 10'L, MI Banner

TEP T25090

List Price: $7.29
Our Price: $7.00
You save $0.29!
56 in stock!
TEP A25216 Trend Success/Believing in Yourself 10' Banner TEPA25216 Trend A25216, Banner, Success Starts w/Believing, 10' Long, MI Banner

TEP A25216

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $7.67
You save $0.32!
32 in stock!
TEP A25220 Trend TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More Banner TEPA25220 Trend A25220, Together Everyone Achieve Banner, 10ft Long, MI Banner

TEP A25220

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $7.67
You save $0.32!
68 in stock!
TEP T1022 Trend File 'N Save System Chart Storage Box TEPT1022 Trend T1022, Chart Storage Box, Convenient, Protects, 30-3/4'' x 6-1/2'' x 23'' Storage Case

TEP T1022

List Price: $12.49
Our Price: $11.07
You save $1.42!
384 in stock!
TEP T1020 Trend Bulletin Board Storage Boxes TEPT1020 Trend T1020, Bulletin Board Storage Box, Convenient, 27-3/4'' x 19'' x 7-1/4'' Storage Case

TEP T1020

List Price: $11.49
Our Price: $11.27
You save $0.22!
267 in stock!
PAC 56385 Pacon Fadeless Designs Bulletin Board Paper PAC56385 Pacon 56385 Fadeless Designs Bulletin Board Paper, Winter Time Scene, 48" x 50 ft., Classroom Decorations

PAC 56385

List Price: $25.19
Our Price: $20.16
You save $5.03!
83 in stock!
TCR 9460 Teacher Created Res. Confetti Decor Bulletin Set TCR9460 Teacher Created Resources 9460, Bulletin Board Set w/Pockets, Confetti, Board Set

TCR 9460

List Price: $47.12
Our Price: $41.03
You save $6.09!
82 in stock!