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LEO 80360 Charles Leonard Ball Bearing Metal Compass LEO80360 CLI 80360, Ball Bearing Compass, w/ Pencil/Centimeter Guide, Aluminum Geometrical Compass

LEO 80360

List Price: $2.49
Our Price: $1.44
You save $1.05!
408 in stock!
LRN LER45761 Learning Res. Learning Res. Safe-T Compass LRNLER45761 Learning Resources LER45761, Compass, Plastic, Shatter-resistant, 3.5'' x 8.9'', Orange Geometrical Compass

LRN LER45761

List Price: $2.03
Our Price: $1.62
You save $0.41!
1448 in stock!
HLX X37280 Helix Plastic Compass HLXX37280 Helix X37280, Compass, Locking, Plastic, Assorted Geometrical Compass

HLX X37280

List Price: $3.49
Our Price: $2.59
You save $0.90!
643 in stock!
SPR 38277 Sparco Lightweight Compass SPR38277 Sparco 38277, Compass Pencil, Black Geometrical Compass

SPR 38277

List Price: $3.68
Our Price: $2.68
You save $1.00!
4116 in stock!
STD 55060A6 Staedtler Metal Compass STD55060A6 Staedtler 55060A6, Metal Compass Set, Blue/Silver Geometrical Compass

STD 55060A6

List Price: $4.80
Our Price: $3.12
You save $1.68!
276 in stock!
ACM 14377 Acme Westcott Microban Antimcrbial Student Compass ACM14377 Westcott 14377, Compass, w/ Microban, Retractable Point, Assorted Geometrical Compass

ACM 14377

List Price: $5.90
Our Price: $3.28
You save $2.62!
770 in stock!
LEO 77365 Charles Leonard Ball Bearing Safety Compass LEO77365 CLI 77365, Compass, Safety Point, 6'' x .75'' x 1.75'', 12/DZ, Aluminum Geometrical Compass

LEO 77365

List Price: $17.99
Our Price: $6.16
You save $11.83!
73 in stock!
STD 550WP01 Staedtler 2-piece Advanced Student Compass STD550WP01 Staedtler 550WP01, Student Compass, Hinged Legs, Blue/Silver Geometrical Compass

STD 550WP01

List Price: $12.13
Our Price: $7.35
You save $4.78!
498 in stock!
CHA 401N Chartpak Bow Pencil Drafting Compass CHA401N Chartpak 401N, 6'' Bow Pencil Compass, Maximum 10'' Circle, Silver Geometrical Compass

CHA 401N

List Price: $18.84
Our Price: $7.59
You save $11.25!
287 in stock!
LEO 77360 Charles Leonard Metal Ball Bearing Compass LEO77360 CLI 77360, Ball Bearing Compass, 12'' Max Diam., Metal, 12/DZ, Silver Geometrical Compass

LEO 77360

List Price: $17.99
Our Price: $9.50
You save $8.49!
141 in stock!
STD 556WP00A6 Staedtler Geometry Compass STD556WP00A6 Staedtler 556WP00A6, Geometry Compass, Maximum 8-7/8'' Circles, 6-1/8''L, BE/SR Geometrical Compass

STD 556WP00A6

List Price: $23.65
Our Price: $15.50
You save $8.15!
357 in stock!
STD 55140WP Staedtler All-metal Spring-bow Compass STD55140WP Staedtler 55140WP, Comfort Compass, w/ Spare Lead, 3-1/4'' x 1/2'' x 7-1/2'', Nickel Geometrical Compass

STD 55140WP

List Price: $21.01
Our Price: $16.68
You save $4.33!
254 in stock!
LEO 80965ST Charles Leonard Swing Arm Safety Compass/Protrctr LEO80965ST CLI 80965ST, Compass/Swing Arm Protractor Set, 12/DS, Ast Geometrical Compass Set

LEO 80965ST

List Price: $46.99
Our Price: $37.44
You save $9.55!
71 in stock!